Graffiti Removal

Graffiti which is sprayed or painted onto a building is an act of vandalism that can be abusive, unisghtly and offensive.

The appearance of graffiti damage will also have a negative effect on your shopping centre or housing estate, with people less likely to visit. Graffiti damage which is sprayed and painted onto walls can be made up of paints, spray paints, chalks, felt tip markers and even ball point pens, which can be problem to remove with normal cleaning solutions.

Blast Cleaning & Maintenance Limited can remove graffiti damage from any surface using a specialist removal technique. It will not damage the surface or substrate, it will not leave any marks or any shadowing.

Blast Cleaning & Maintenance Limited operate Regionally and also offer a Nationwide service, where we can remove graffiti damage and paint damage from your School, Office and Shopping Centre.

Graffiti damage will always attract others to put their mark/tag. Research has shown removing graffiti is the best solution against reoccurance. Once the graffiti damage is removed, we can apply an anti-graffiti coating which then aids a quick and easy removal process in the future.

  • Graffiti Removal from Carpark Wall
  • Graffiti Removal from Cladding
  • Spray Paint Removal from Brickwork/Stonework
  • Graffiti Damage
  • Graffiti Removal from Retail Outlet
  • Graffiti Removal from Commercail Building
  • Sub-station Graffiti Removal
  • Offensive Graffiti Removal
  • School Building Graffiti Removal
  • Jetwash & Remove Graffiti
  • Council Graffiti Removal

Examples of graffiti removal

Photo of Graffiti Removal
Photo of Graffiti Removal
Photo of Graffiti Removal
Photo of Graffiti Removal
Photo of Graffiti Removal
Photo of Graffiti Removal
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